Long-lived and easy to grow the epimediums are  superb plants for the shady garden. 

The more vigorous varieties, such as Epimedium x versicolor ‘Sulphureum’    or Epimedium perralchicum 'Frohnleiten', make good ground cover. The delicate, but abundant, flowers are worthy of close inspection, and good foliage extends the interest,many providing superb autumn colour. Like with so many plants, collection can become an addiction.

Epimedium 'Enchantress'

Good lilac flowers in spring on this epimedium which is a cross of E. leptorrhizum with E. dolicostemon, bred by Elizabeth Strangman. Humus rich soil....

Epimedium 'Pink Elf'

A hybrid between E. brevicornu and E. pubescens. Delicate pink flowers in spring and again in late summer. Moist but well drained soil. Part shade. H4...

Epimedium brachyrrhizum

Large spidery soft violet flowers in spring. Leaves emerge bronze, become green over the next few months. Humus rich soil. Part shade. H30cm.

Epimedium davidii

A smaller variety, normally evergreen. New leaves are splashed bronze. Flowers a good yellow. Humus rich soil. Part shade. H25cm.

Epimedium fargesii

Delicate purple and white spider like flowers over heart shaped foliage in spring. Moist but well drained soil. Part shade. H45cm x S60cm.

Epimedium leptorrhizum

An attractive species producing long-spurred large white to lilac-pink tlowers in spring. Handsome new coppery foliage. Any good humus rich soil in pa...